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Roast Goose



Your fresh, free range, Trevilley Farm goose has been roaming our fields at will, its diet supplemented with our home grown grain. To give the best possible finish, the goose was carefully hand plucked.

Preparation Instructions: 

Remove the fat and giblets right away. The fat should be placed in a roasting dish and melted in a slow oven. Once liquid, pour into a container or bowl for storage.
Goose fat makes wonderfully crisp roast potatoes, it freezes well, and can even be used instead of lard for making shortcrust pastry or for frying.
Goose fat is very unsaturate, and remains liquid at room temperature.

*. The giblets can be boiled with the usual vegetables and herbs to make stock for your gravy. This is best done as soon as possible after you collect the bird.
Once made, the stock can be frozen for future use if you wish.

*. If you need to keep the goose for a few days before cooking, it is a good idea to sprinkle the inside with a little salt.
NEVER make the inside of the bird wet until you are ready to cook it.

*. When ready to cook the bird, place it on a rack in a large, open roasting dish.

*. Prick the skin with a fork - lightly over the breast, but working deeper on fatty areas behind the wings and around where the legs join the body.

*. Stuff the cavity, if you wish. A fruity stuffing or sage onion are both good with goose.

*. Rub the surface of the bird with half a lemon. This will help the fat to run.

*. Season well.

*. Roast uncovered in the centre of a hot oven (400F / gas mark 6) for 30 mins.

*. Reduce the heat to 375F / gas mark 5 for the remaing time - 20 minutes per lb plus 20 minutes extra.
(i.e. if cooking a 10lb bird your cooking time will be 30mins at 400F plus 3 hours 40 minutes at 375F).

*. Pour off the excess fat at least once during cooking.
If necessary, cover the bird with greased paper to prevent over browning. Avoid using foil when cooking a goose as this will impair the crisping of the skin. Roast uncovered for the last 30 minutes to produce a lovely crisp skin.

*. Allow to stand before carving and serve with a fruit sauce.

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Recipe Ingredients: 

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