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Trevilley Farm - Best Food Producer 2008

Trevilley Farm Shop was the recent recipient of the 'Best Food Producer 2008' Award at the Cornwall Life Awards. The award is aimed at a person who rears the cattle, grows the vegetables and produces the pickles. It reflects how they have brought their produce to market, the locally grown quality of their produce, the packaging of their products and the promotion of produce. Trevilley Farm Shop is run by Keith and Gill Barrett and the couple were absolutely delighted to be successful at the ceremony. Keith and Gill represent the fifth generation of the family to be running the farm and continuing the great work as they consistently harvest fantastic, high quality produce.


Trevilley Farm Shop has always been run on an ethos of traditional farming. The farm shop is in its fifth year and was born out of a demand for local produce. It started as a 'leave your money in the tin' vegetable box at the top of the lane but its growing popularity necessitated the opening of a shop to cater for the demand. The shop was also introduced to reflect the need for diversification in the agricultural sector. Initially the shop just sold vegetables, beef and lamb. Today though, it sells produce from over 60 Cornish suppliers and employs five family members. With such a vast array of products on offer, you will be amazed by what is produced and supplied and good value, local produce is always the order of the day at Trevilley Farm Shop. The farm provides much of the produce for sale in the shop, including Angus/ South Devon cross beef and lamb. The farm also provides free range poultry and vegetables sourced from several different local producers. The team grow a wide range of salad leaves, beans, squashes and other vegetables, which are picked daily on the farm. The product range of the farm shop has grown so much that you can turn up for a piece of meat and come away with everything that you could need to feed a hungry family for a week. When asked about the success of the shop Gill says that “We were the first farm shop to be entirely Cornish and are getting products from more than 50 Cornish food businesses.” In addition to fresh meat, the shop sends out beef boxes, and behind the shop is the kitchen where beef is transformed into delicious traditional Cornish pasties. For those who have less time to prepare meals from scratch, the shop offers a range of prepared dishes which are ready to be taken home and reheated. Standards such as cottage pie or bolognese sauce are joined by beef goulash or beef with black beans and a large base of loyal, local customers has been built up over the last five years. “We like it when they say they come in on their way to the supermarket, rather than after they have been there” says Gill, “Cornish people are particularly supportive and proud of the local produce.” Son-in-Law Errol adds that “Local food for local people is what we wanted to do. We want to make sure that this is not seen as elitist or expensive. Some of our lines are cheaper than the supermarkets, some more expensive, but they are getting a better product.” Trevilley Farm Lane, Newquay, Cornwall TR8 4PX Tel: 01637 872 310 Fax: 01637 872 310 Email:

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