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Georgie's Stall Turns Into Thriving Business

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Western Morning News - Saturday 16th December 2006

An idea that started as a simple way to make a little extra money has turned into a profitable business for a Westcountry farm selling local produce. Suzie Smith reports:

The owners of Trevilley Farm, near Newquay in Cornwall, invited their daughter to sell some of their home-grown vegetables and flowers to help pay for university.

Georgie Barrett set up a stall at the end of the lane and attracted a crowd of people who bought her goods.

Her mother, and owner of the farm, Gill Barrett said, "We were selling our produce at farmers' markets but we found it quite restrictive as we could only sell certain things that weren't already being sold by someone else.
"We told Georgie she could sell any surplus stock, and it went really well".

After the success of the stall, the Barretts decided to set up a shop.
"It took some time to bring it all together, but we have been running for four years now. Each year the business gets bigger and bigger," Mrs Barrett said.

To cope with the growth of the farm shop, Georgie returned to Cornwall with her husband, Errol Warman, to work for the family.

Mrs Barrett said: "We have around 70 local producers providing stock for the shop now so we needed some extra help. We like to keep the place full and interesting. We met most of our suppliers through farmers' markets."

The success of the business seems to be down to peoples' desire for good-quality local produce.

Son-in-law Errol Warman said: "I moved down from London and it was really pleasant to see how proud people are to eat produce that comes from Cornwall. We often sit down for a meal and all of the food has been provided by the farm, meaning we are totally self-sufficient. Friends love it when they come down to stay."

Trevilley Farm Shop has a huge range of products including fresh meat, fish, vegetables, chocolates, cakes, jams, cheeses, butter and milk,

The Barretts also make their own pasties and sausage rolls using meat from the farm.

Mrs Barrett said: "We are applying for an alcohol licence and then we can start selling locally-made wines, champagnes and liquers."

Christmas will provide a new opportunity for the business as Mr Warman is producing hampers.

He said: "The great thing about these hampers is that it is the whole meal in one basket.
"We provide the turkey or goose, or any other meat wanted, but we also provide the vegetables and potatoes."

Georgie Warman said: "In the hampers, we also put Christmas cake and puddings, cheeses and cooked meats for a starter."

The farm shop is open throughout the year and has one clear objective.

Mrs Warman said: We want to produce good-quality local produce for local people. It is not expensive.
"It is much cheaper to eat healthily - people often think that you will pay a premium for local produce, but that is not the case."

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