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Here And Now - December 2006

A cosy home, filled with delicious food has been central to our images of Christmas for centuries, and even in our diet-obsessed era, we relax the rules for the festive season! Why not find support local farm shops this year and treat your family and friends to some festive Cornish goodies…

For many busy households, the hoarding of scrumptious goodies is well under way, and feeding the family is set to take a hefty chunk out of the Christmas budget for a lot of us. However, one way to ensure that you get the very best for your money’s worth is to strive to buy locally. Contrary to belief, farm shops and the like can be surprisingly comparable to high street supermarket in terms of price, and yet are frequently of a far superior quality.

Buying locally makes sense on so many different levels. Locally produced food is much fresher, unlike supermarket produce that is far older and can frequently contain many more pesticides to keep it presentable. Valuable nutrients in fresh food are less likely to be lost because the food will have not have been stored for long periods of time before you purchase it. This is another reason why local food tastes better – just try for yourself!
By choosing a local product, you reduce ‘food miles’ – the distance your food has travelled to get from the point of origin to your plate. The shorter the distance the more likely it is to be fresh and the less fuel usage and carbon dioxide emission goes to help the environment. Furthermore, by buying locally you are also aiding the local economy.

With Cornwall already acknowledged as a top food-lover's destination, many of our county's restaurants are already giving the local produce revolution new impetus by recognising the growing demand for fresh ingredients with a local flavour. The resounding success of many of these Cornish restaurants can only serve to provide further evidence of the great taste of local food.

Furthermore, a growing number of producers and small, local businesses are adding value to produce by turning it into gourmet chutneys, sauces and marinades. These can add an extra special touch to your locally-chosen meats and vegetables at Christmas, or could make fabulous gifts. Some entrepreneurial local producers pack together hampers full of such delicacies, making fabulous gifts that will bring a true taste of Cornwall to friends and relatives.

A number of local farms are offering a really great way to help you save time and enjoy fabulous food this Christmas by offering tailor-made Christmas hampers for gifts; Christmas dinners at their in-house tearooms, as well as providing all the ingredients you need for a wonderful Christmas dinner. You can also order your own requirements for in-season food.

Another farm offering a similar range of fantastic fresh foods for Christmas is Trevilley Farm. This is a traditional family farm, run by Keith and Gill Barrett and their family, located on the outskirts of Newquay.

The Trevilley Farm Shop has been open for four years now, and sells a wide range of its own produce, including beef, lamb, vegetables as well as free-range geese and free-range bronze turkeys at Christmas. The shop also sells produce from all over Cornwall, and as Mr Barrett says, "We believe in sourcing all our products from suppliers that we know and trust within Cornwall."

With its own full time chef, the shop also boasts an extensive selection from the kitchen. From real Cornish Pasties to jam, cakes and pies, a trip to Trevilley Farm shop is certainly a mouth-watering experience!

Trevilley Farm can also help you to take the stress out of planning your Christmas dinner this year with the Trevilley Farm Christmas Box. Tailored by you, the box contains everything you will need for dinner on Christmas Day, and is available for collection from the shop, or it can even be delivered to your doorstep anywhere in the UK. Armed with your box of Trevilley Farm goodies, your Christmas Day menu could include starters such as a selection of smoked Cornish fish, Trevilley Farm Pate, a choice of smoked lamb, beef, turkey and venison, Trevilley Farm Mixed Leaf Salad and Sorbet. Your main course could include a Trevilley Farm free range Bronze turkey or free range goose, Trevilley Farm beef or lamb, Cornish pork, chicken, duck or venison, or a Cornish multi-bird roast. This will all be served with Trevilley Farm stuffings and a wonderful assortment of the freshest Cornish vegetables, including cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, swede, cabbage, carrots, celeriac, onions, and of course potatoes!

Finally, dessert can include Trevilley Farm Christmas Pudding, Christmas Cake, Mince Pies, Yule log or Cheesecake, all served with Cornish brandy butter or brandy sauce. There is also a selection of over 30 Cornish cheeses, and a wide range of drinks such as Cornish Tea, Apple Juices, Cornish Mead, Cornish Wine, Ciders, Ales and Brute. The Trevilley Farm Christmas Box really will make this year's festive meal one to remember!

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